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February 9, 2009

A decision on the keypad appears to be in sight. Quasi-omnipotent scenester Mali has provided this quote from EvilDragon on the gp32x.de forums:

Aaaalso, so wie’s im Moment aussieht bekommt die Hauptpandora eine generische (also englische) Tastatur ohne Sonderzeichen.
Ich werde aber deutsches Layout zum Nachkaufen anbieten (für ca. 3 – 5 Euro, also werdet Ihr nicht arm dabei) und später dann wohl auch welche mit vorinstallierter deutscher Tastatur.

Wir sind aber noch nicht ganz durch mit Diskutieren, aber so in die Richtung gehts wohl.

Free Translation:

At the moment it looks like Pandora will get a generic(English) keyboard without special characters. But I will offer a German layout for sale(it’ll be 3-5€). There will be Pandoras with preinstalled German keyboard later on.
We are still discussing, but it’ll go in this direction.

Also from ED on the German boards, confirmation that the analogue nubs can be used as a mouse, with the shoulder buttons for left & right click. This was in response to a question about the possibility of mapping Ctrl/AltGr to said buttons:

Keine Sorge, wir sind immer noch am Diskutieren 🙂

L und R werden für Tasten aber nicht verwendbar sein – denn die Analog-Pads sollen als Maus nutzbar sein, und da hätten wir L und R gerne als Mausbuttons, denn es wäre ja doof, mit dem Analog-Pad die Maus zu bewegen und dann auf dem Touchscreen drücken zu müssen 😉

Free Translation:

L and R won’t be usable, because the analogue nubs will be a mouse replacement and so we would like to have L and R as mouse buttons.



  1. The last quote confuses me a bit… L and R won’t be usable as what, Ctrl/AltGr buttons? Wouldn’t this just require a simple file edit to remap the buttons? At the very worst it seems it would require a firmware hack, but since I assume the firmware will be open that should be easy.

  2. What about ñ key?

  3. Yeah, he’s talking about Ctrl/AltGr. We’re relying on a free website translation there, so the actual wording could be muddy. I don’t think he means they can’t be used; he’s just ruling out using them as part of the default configuration, because they want to map them to the mouse. It all should be changeable in software.

    Personally, I’m really looking forward to seeing how mouse control (and shoulder clicking) feels.

  4. Oh, I’m pretty sure that all buttons can be remapped if they are not hardcoded to kernel.

  5. I think Ctrl/AltGr can be remapped. Wasn’t it stated before that only The 3 buttons between the nubs werent able to be remapped.

    I guess I will make the L + R a second Ctrl and Alt and I will use the A (On ABYX) as a left click and the B (On ABYX) as a right click.

  6. Sounds like the right way to go Ed 🙂

  7. Mithrildor: The same for me 🙂

  8. To clarify, he means it like Gruso says. It’s about the _default_ use of the shoulder buttons.

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