The keymat design has left the building

February 5, 2009

Word came in from Chip today that the “keymat is finalized and the manufacturer is already making up the molds for mass production.” The team is no doubt happy to have one less pressing issue on the table… cough.




  1. zomfg omgz w00t stop the press!1!11

  2. pun indeed intended.

  3. So they said they had all the parts.
    But they just finalized the keymat and they don’t even know who’s gonna make the tv-out cable. Can someone explain to me how I could possibly hope to get my pandora before 2010?

  4. How is it that people interpret every piece of news as a delay?

  5. @TT – tv-out cable is not a part of the machine, it’s an accessory and will not hinder shipping final units; the keymats and cases will be mass produced in the next few weeks. They have everything else (boards, batteries and LCDs). Quit whining and naysaying, it’s on its way.

  6. @TT, easy mate, you´ll get yours =) Just remember that this is not a machine from a large company with lots of experience and money. OP team is working hard to deliver.

    @gruso, pressing issue ey? Nice to see some humor =)

  7. oi, I know I’ll get mine!
    @ gruso: how come when get one info one week and the opposite the week after? I’m not interpetting that as a delay, I’m just saying that OP shouldn’t say they’ve got all the parts when it’s not the case!
    God, everytime someone says somethingh slightly negative he just gets bashed….

  8. is that the infamous “ANY” key? LOLLL

  9. @TT:

    My understanding of “parts” in that context, was that it referred to the PCB components that will be soldered to the board during mass production, including LCDs, nubs, chips, plugs, etc. I guess that seems like a pretty trivial distinction to make, but an important one, because PCB production and keymat production are two very separate processes.

    This kind of highlights for me the difference in perception between someone who spends half their life on the forums (hello me), and those who are now using the blog as their primary news source (hello several thousand others. No really, hellollo! :)). We grab the meaty soundbites from there, and put them here. But often it’s the banal chatter on the forums that really helps build a complete picture of what is going on. Much of it consists of repetitive questions, one word answers, link to that, search noob, all the usual forum stuff. It’s not only impractical, but impossible to bring all of that context to the blog. I do recommend that you follow the source links through and read the chatter.

    But, it’s actually good for us to know if there are any perceived holes or inconsistencies in our reports, so we can try a little harder to paint the picture. This would be one of those enlightening moments. We’re unofficial as you know, and aren’t qualified to write lengthy essays on Pandora’s progress. But perhaps we can take your feedback into account and try to connect things together a little better.

    We’ve taken a pretty passive role so far, lifting tidbits and posting them here. It’s not likely that we’ll be attempting to pin Craig or ED down for an interview any time soon, but we could encourage Chip to drop by the comments section more often and fill in the gaps.

    So, show of hands for less puns and more facts? Naah. More of both, I say.

  10. wow, that was a good and intertesting reply, thanks gruso!
    As a matter of fact, I do spend a lot (too much?) of time on the forums. I guess the more i read, the more confused I get. OP shouldn’t assume that everyone knows about manufacturing processes etc.
    Anyway, I guess I’ll just wait and see. I just wish I could forget about all that for a week or 2. But I’m obsessed. Addicted. Want more. Damn it.

  11. @TT, I hear you, my F5 key has started to make this squeeky noise lately… wierd…

    @gruso, good reply!

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