Monthly Pandora ezine, looking for help

February 5, 2009

StreaK is developing a ezine (or electronic magazine) for the Pandora. Currently, he’s asking the community to help him choose a name, they seem to be stuck between “Inside The Box” and “Hellollo”, so if you want to give any input head over to the forums!

Basically i want to make zine similiar to Hugi Zine. ITB should be released monthly and contains [ among other things ]

– News from Pandora scene
– News from emulation scene that pandora covers – [ 8bit / 16bit / 32bit ] – example: when somebody releases new homebrew game for NES we will add some info about it in ITB, ‘coz on Pandora we have a emulator PNes..
– Reviews – Mostly reviews in ITB will be reproduced under permission from various web pages [ currently we have few permissions from well known webpages ] and contains games for emulators / regular games for pandora / utilities for pandora …
– Other fine texts – like in reviews, we have few permissions to legally use text from webpages [ for example gamesindustry.biz ]
– interviews – maybe we will gather some nice exclusive interwiews soon tongue.gif

He’s currently looking for help with the ezine, so if you have any writing experience, or can do anything to give him hand, send him a PM on the forums, his username is “StreaK“.




  1. I go with Hellollo 🙂

  2. Hmm I think it should be weekly or fornightly, at least at first when there’s a buzz of activity!

  3. >>I think it should be weekly or fornightly

    I think fornightly would be good.

    I like Hellollo the best.

  4. Another vote for HELLOLLO .. thats just too classic not to use for such a project ..

  5. PNes? I sure hope the first NES emulator will get a more family-friendly name…

  6. What’s wrong with PNES?
    Unless you’re one of those weirdos that pronounces acronyms that aren’t words, it sounds fine to me.
    “Pee Enn Eee Ess”

  7. I said on the forums that you just can’t call it ITB. But I’ve changed my mind. I saw PNes, and I changed my mind.

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