Wi-Fi driver status confirmed

February 4, 2009

Kernel developer Notaz has confirmed that the driver for the Wi-Fi chip will be open, with code taken from the Android project. It seems that there will still be a proprietary firmware blob, but it will be internal to the chip itself, not part of the kernel.




  1. Wow, I am loving the new speed of updates. I thought “Jeez, updating twice a day was fast enough, why hire more peeps?” but damn, you guys are great. Thank you!!

  2. does this mean promiscuous mode would be possible?

  3. What about monitor mode?

  4. and injection?

  5. And wifi?

  6. And Android?

  7. And then along came Jooones.

  8. If only real life had a ‘promiscuous mode’

  9. Er.. isn’t that the default mode?

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