Official Renders, bits and pieces from the team

February 4, 2009

On the official blog, EvilDragon has posted renders of the back of the Pandora, which includes the various ports.

Yup, I found a bit of time… not that much, so there’s not that much to see on this picture.
Basically, it shows the back of the Pandora with all the ports (which we haven’t finished designing in that render).
From left to right:
Mini USB, EXT Port (where TV Out, etc. will be connected), USB 2.0 and DC in.
Of course, in the finished version those ports will have their names or symbols printed below.

Render of the ports

Render of the ports


Additionally, ED says on GP32x…

We’re already working on the keymat since last week, don’t worry wink.gif
Also, we’re researching about the TV Out cable production, so this is also covered.
But there’s not much to show


Thanks to board of trustees overseer, astronaut, and well rounded person mali for the link.

Don’t forget to check out the discussion thread on GP32x for an e-zine in the works!



  1. Sexy times.

  2. I’m so happy they went for a clam shell look in the end.

  3. I agree with the 2 first comments on this. Hurray for clamshell, and hurray for sexy times. Well said, both of you haha.

  4. Baby Got Back!!! I love the pandora, but I want to see the CNCed case before I decide to buy (cuz a 2 month wait is a long time)

  5. I hope wink.gif really does not worry. :p

  6. Researching about the TV out cable? I’ve ordered one, so i take it this wont be ready with the Pandora, how long will this take to get ready?

  7. Compared to the actual Pandora, getting the cables made is a dead simple (and fast) process. The design was as good as done way back when they settled on the type of Ext port they were using.

    Having said that, I don’t have an answer to your question. 😛

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