PSX4Pandora running on Angstrom

February 3, 2009

This is a full video from boot to PSX emu running. It’s pretty crappy with my camera failing to focus in and out, but you can see the potential of multitasking. You can see that I set the clock to 600MHz and then decide I should go to 800MHz just to be sure it’s stable. The intro movie runs way too fast and I shouldn’t have gone so high but that’s good news.

MWeston has uploaded a video of him booting up his Pandora, playing some music and then continuing to start PSX4Pandora. This is a pretty good test of the capabilities of the device, as well as overclocking. MWeston states that he raised the clock to 800MHz during this test to confirm that everything was stable, an increase in clock speed of 33% is very reasonable. It is expected that most Pandoras will be able to reach 900MHz +- 20MHz without much effort.




  1. Looks great! I can’t wait to see psx4pandora using hardware acceleration! I wonder if it will be possible to under clock it some and still get good frame rates with hardware acceleration!

  2. failure of a camera 😛
    but interesting for the speed. Time to get the display depth working right though

  3. nice to see that 800mhz runs the psx emu to fast, shows a lot of potential for lower processor speeds and multitasking after hardware optimisation.
    On a side note i have to say that i love westons taste in music, after the last video with megadeath, slayer ac/dc, and then megadeath again in this vid, love it 😀

  4. Great first post!

  5. Yup, serious camera fail. That’s what you get when using cheap crap which auto-focus’es all the time 🙂

    Anyways, nice video and, like John Berube, I’m also anxious to see what the Pandora will give us when the hardware acceleration kicks in.

  6. Why do I hear a mouse clicking?

    Otherwise… AWESOME.

  7. Tis Megadeth! 😛

    Looking very good, lets see some gameplay next!

  8. It is expected that most Pandoras will be able to reach 900MHz +- 20MHz without much effort.

    Some one making up numbers? (+- 20MHz without much effort.)

  9. I don’t know what you’re implying? I think it was MWeston who said that most Pandoras should reach about 900MHz, with a few reaching 920MHz.

  10. Not that impressive.

    We’re not actually seeing any relevant PSX emulation in that video since it doesn’t actually get *in-game* at all. All we see is a startup video being played.

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