Video: Angstrom running on FDM prototype

February 1, 2009

“As requested here is a little video showing the Pandora Angstrom build doing a few fun things.

It’s not very optimised and there is no hardware acceleration yet but I think you will agree it runs rather well anyway – and don’t forget this is on a device the size of a DS.”  – craigix



  1. Braaavooo!!!

  2. Good music choice at least. 🙂

    Pretty good speed considering!



  3. The boot time is faster than my mobile from cold boot (Nokia N95)

  4. *headbangs*

  5. Oooh, exclellent demo!

    Anyone care to post the details of the entire playlist? :p

    And anyone thinks the original Pandora drawing was far sexier than the current design? It’s all good though. 😀

  6. \m/ hell yeah! AC/DC, Slayer and Megadeth – what a way to entertain us while showing off Angstrom. I’d like more videos like this please!!

    And yeah, I’m with jrtokarz, boot time is around the same as my Nokia N95-8GB. So boot times don’t concern me hugely, although if it’s gonna get faster, I’m not gonna complain!

    Can’t wait to get mine even more now! the wait is AGONISING!

    Also thank you for the upkeep of this blog, it’s fantastic, and I have the RSS being beamed to my phone whenever it updates, so I’m never out of the loop!! /needs to get out more ¬_¬

  7. Great demomo!

  8. Looks very good! Painting in GIMP on a handheld, that’s going to be awesome!

  9. wootness, can’t wait for hardware acceleration 🙂

  10. Is it the sound of the pandora ?

  11. Wow, now I really have to make the deadline of the payment.

  12. Man, I could imagine reading an e-book/coding while rocking out on the bus on some bluetooth headphones… gonna be so amazing. Great job guys!

  13. Everything i’ve seen up to now has been unoptimised. Anybody have any idea when these programs will be optimised so they run faster?

  14. At Hells_Dark:

    Yes, it is. being recorded through a camera’s microphone too, so the quality of it is less than if you heard it in person.

  15. Eversmile > not bad so 🙂

  16. The rock music kinda sucks. But hell yeah, Pet Shop Boys.

  17. So is it working now in the FDM case (whatever that means) and is it battery powered or is it still connected by some type of big cable to a board then to a computer?

    Will it be possible to put the device in standby and then resume automatically and instantly not having to do the 18 second bootup every time you want to use the device? It would be cool like with the Nintendo DS if it could automatically go into sleep mode when closing the device and automatically come back and resume when opening it up.

    It’d be nice with more videos showing the device actually working by itself not being controlled using some type of external cable, board and computers.

  18. Powered by power adaptor, see small cable on the left. Not connected to PC, so autarchic. Small sensor detects when lid is closed. Standby, suspend, shutdown configurable via software.

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