Manufacturing Time Guesstimate

February 1, 2009

From Chip:

Four to six weeks from the first to the last of the first batch Pandoras. Give or take a couple weeks for testing and tweaking the assembly process.

Once the manufacturing process is 100% nailed down (2nd batch onwards) the plant can make ~5000 per month, though they can only make them as fast as we can get parts. Second batch will probably start up about two months after the first is finished (again, depending on parts availability).

So at least 3-4 weeks before first batch starts, 4-6 weeks after that it finishes, then ~8 weeks until the 2nd batch starts. If you want a Pandora soon, order from the first batch. Otherwise you’ll be waiting a while.




  1. “So at least 3-4 weeks before first batch starts, 4-6 weeks after that it finishes”

    Wow, if I’m reading that right, I guess the best case for the first Pandora to be sent out is February 22-29? That almost sounds too good to be true. What do you guys think?

  2. I hope I get it at least in the begining of March

  3. “3-4 weeks before first batch starts” – does he mean before the first ones of the batch start shipping?

  4. 3-4 weeks till start of production which will run for 4-6 weeks, plus testing, packing, shipping etc etc. It’s not 2-4 weeks till shipping gmhuntr7.

    I’m still keeping my ETA of April sometime maybe that way I won’t be dissapointed. If it comes any earlier it will be a bonus. Just remeber it was gonna ship last year, then this year etc. I’m sure everyone will be complaining again in 3-4 weeks time saying but you said 3-4 weeks 🙂

    Great news anyhow guys. Lets hope you don’t need to shoot yourself in the foot again 🙂

  5. well, i think it is fairly ok for me to hope that this arrives in time for my birthday (21st April); especially since I’m fairly high up the queue.

  6. Maybe it’s too early, maybe it’s the snow, but I don’t understand a word of this news. :p

  7. TT, this is the guts of it:

    – First batch starts production in at least 3-4 weeks.
    – Once this begins, it will take around 4-6 weeks to produce the entire first batch.
    – The second batch should start production 8 weeks after that.

  8. “The second batch should start production 8 weeks after that”
    Confirmed by ED on the German board.

  9. thans gruso 😉 that makes more sense now!
    My brain got half frozen on my way to work this morning…

  10. I wonder what happens after they’re manufactured? Do they have to go to Pandora World Headquarters in UK to be individually packaged, bundled, labeled, and mailed?

    And does that happen all at once at the end of the manufacturing? Or do they ship out individually as soon as they roll off the line?

  11. I’m still personally gonna wait til the second batch, I think. For one thing, first revision hardware often has numerous minor bugs, which hopefully would be reported on and fixed by the time of the second batch. That, and in the (hopefully very unlikely) event that the Pandora people went under financially, I might end up losing money that I really can’t afford to lose. So to me, the benefits of waiting outweigh the suckiness of that wait being 15-18 weeks. However, I’m still very interested in the Pandora, it’s a beautiful device, and looks perfect as a replacement for my Sharp Zaurus SL-C3200, I’m just rather cautious by nature (and wary of first revisions of hardware/software).

  12. Same here Marianne, it looks like an absolute brilliant handheld PC, but i’d rather wait till (if it has any) the bugs from REV1 are ironed out. I will definately be buying one in the future.

  13. Second batch for me too 🙂 I’ve got a game of mine I want to port but it isn’t complete yet and I have school work to finish.

    Looking forward to getting one!

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