Some handy case design facts

January 31, 2009

By all accounts, the FDM prototype has checked all the boxes and pleased its masters. So it’s full steam ahead to the smoother, shinier CNC prototype, which in terms of case design is the final step before mass production. Let’s hope it’s not camera shy.

The CNC case is being ordered on Monday:

“The CNC is being ordered on monday.” – craigix

Is there an echo in here? Source

It was believed until recently that the battery would only be accessible by removing screws. Screws do many great things, but freeing batteries quickly isn’t one of them. Thankfully, the sliding battery cover we saw in MWeston’s video is the real deal:

“Anyone notice you don’t need a screwdriver to get at the battery anymore? It slides and clicks now so access is simple.” – MWeston

There have been numerous questions about the feel of the keys, as they did look a little awkward in the FDM videos. These clarifications ought to calm any nervous digits. They keypad used in the prototype is a prototype itself, made from a slightly different rubber compound to the production keypad:

“Not FDM issue, but prototype keymat issue. The rubber is pretty stiff on those prototypes, won’t be like that in the final version.” – EvilDragon

Also, the final keys will coated with a hard, shiny “cap” (as depicted here), making them easier to reach and easier to click:

“The coating will add a bit. Maybe 1mm or so. It should be enough that you can feel the buttons, but it won’t protrude a lot.” – Chip

Next question: How far does it open? DaveC can field this one:

“It opens relatively flat but not a complete 180° it is close though more like 170°” – DaveC

All the above quotes are from this thread.

And finally, some details on the stylus, which is a proprietary design in black plastic.

“Dimensions are 100mm long by 5mm diameter.” – Chip

“It’s plastic. Replacements will be available to order.” – Chip




  1. Minor info; still very good to know though.

  2. Is that battery lid at the bottom of the case going to retain that design? My (layman’s) impression is that it would only be a matter of time before that battery cover became warped and just stopped fitting flush with the rest of the unit.

    Again – just an inquiry

  3. Cool story, bro.

  4. What’s wrong with the battery cover using a screw? It’s not exactly using AAs.

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