Pandora gets major tech press coverage

January 30, 2009

Shortly after the second prototype video was posted, it looks like the community have taken it upon themselves to spread the news far and wide – the video currently enjoys front-page slots on several technology blogs and websites, and is very close to reaching the front page of Digg. So, here’s a round-up, as well as an interesting mistake that one of them made:

Engadget Coverage

OSNews Coverage – Why do they insist it’s the design team that’s posted the video and suggested the release date?

Currently, the team estimates the release date to be somewhere around April 7th, 2009.

Digg Article

Ars Technica Article (the author of that article thought that my estimated release date was what the developer team themselves had said)

Though the current build is still missing its internal components, the team ensures those awaiting the device that the project is coming together and has posted an “unofficial estimated” launch date of April 7.

Gizmodo Article (not really worth the click – it’s a negative, sarcastic article)

Are there any more that people know about?



  1. I dugged the digg, and I hope that no one reads that silly gizmodo article. Unfounded bullcrap from the owner, why would he/she spread such crud?

  2. DCEMU gave it some glory time


  3. Check hackaday.com too. 😉

    Also, our little blog made #52 in the top 100 WordPress posts yesterday, hehe.

  4. It’s interesting reading the comments on those posts. I would say that the Pandora picked up some interest from the blog coverage, even if some of the posts were derogatory.

    The strangest comment I’ve seen is the suggestion that by the time the Pandora is released, it will either be rapidly surpassed technologically or it won’t be worth as much as the amount it costs. Whereas, the Pandora is spec’ed right around where the Nokia Internet Tablet has been sitting and costs more or less the same. I also think the interest in the Pandora from academic sources for teaching students to develop games is spot on and will keep the Pandora going for a while. An open source gaming device is exactly what students need.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the negative tone of some of what has been posted. They haven’t been engaged in the development of the Pandora at all. A lot of people judge gadgets on just their physical appearance, which is crazy, and a lot of people just want to make a judgment about whether something new will be “huge” or the next “PSP killer.” What’s more important is that there were probably a number of people who got a sense of what the Pandora is and know that they want one.

  5. Soulkiller:

    Wow nice! It’s a shame that like 4 out of 5 posters on there are idiots. Hahaha, “Atom Processor” and “Far Cry.” Why oh why…

  6. Oh, I wanted to add that it’s better to not pick up interest from people who aren’t really into it by advertising for more pre-orders or whatnot. If people pick up a Pandora and don’t really have the right expectations, they’ll be more likely to blast it on the blogs and make a big stink about it. I think the dev team is doing things the right way.

    Sorry for the long post.

  7. Wow, good going Gizmodo.

  8. Gizmondo Article – not really an article either.
    Actually i laughed at it xD

  9. “But because its a linux based device it wont actually be a real pc”


  10. How small Pandora ? What is the measurement size of it ?
    I am waiting my new order delivery.

  11. 140 x 83 x 27 mm, about the same overall size as the original DS.

  12. I hope that guy at Gizmodo gets laid off lolz.

  13. Found this article on Softpedia.


    I like the “spy photos” reference.

  14. ^ That’s a great little article.

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