Re-order deadline announced, new orders invited too.

January 29, 2009

From Craig:

As you will have seen in the last couple of days we are nearing the end of the beginning, the videos are out there with more to come.

So in order to get things moving along to mass production we have to put an end date on reorders and also allow people to take up the empty order places.

Please try to get your REorders in within the next 7 days, don’t worry if they don’t arrive for a little after that – we will be flexible.

New orders, if you want to order a Pandora (or two) from the first batch you can now place a new order via:

Bank Transfer (tranzfers, xoom, via your bank)
Money Order (free from your bank but you will have to post us it)

The price of a Pandora is $330 (USD), please email us to arrange (we need to calculate your shipping method).

We are trying very hard to get s US$ account set up – we might have the details this week for this. I hope this will help more people to order. We can talk about this if you email or phone us.

You cannot use a credit card.

New orders will be taken for about another two to three weeks (or of course until we run out of places, whichever happens first). During that time we will be moving forward to production.

(This is an edited version of Craig’s post. Go to the source for contact details and any other updates.)



  1. How many reorders still need to be processed and how many have decided not to re-order?



  2. Jesus H. Christ, it’s finally happening! Thanks guys and good luck for the final lap! Can’t wait for my pandora to arrive!

  3. I-ve-got-to-reorder…

  4. how do yu get a hold of them to order, i need one of these bad boys now

  5. @lancesg1
    As stated in the post:
    This is an edited version of Craig’s post. Go to the source for contact details and any other updates


    you’ll find the phone number there

  6. @TT
    thanks alot for the info will order soon.

  7. Imo allowing more orders now is a stupid idea, atleast if you use this way to do it. I m sure they will have alot of work to do, and there can always be new trouble with too many customers at once.
    There should have been a list where you could sign-up for a re-order and only those would have been reported to the team, I already see about 10000 emails going to their inbox slowing down the whole management because they have to structure those to not mix support and pre-orders..

  8. So, since the other thread is so congested, perhaps one of you can answer it…
    what happened to ‘you pay the amount of money you were refunded’

    I feel like writing a post akin to prophet’s right now.

  9. PoisonedV – if you ordered before; you pay the amount you were refunded; if you are making a new order, the price is $330; that is the second batch price; which reflects the increase in RAM.

  10. +1 to what neogramps said. The full $330 applies to new orders only.

  11. lol @ you cannot use a credit card

  12. Do we get any kind of guarantee that it will work? If they somehow cannot afford to produce them (not enough people pre-ordering by bank transfer), do we get refunded again? If somehow there are hardware bugs in the device, do we get to be able to send it back for service, RMA, a replacement or for a refund?

  13. They will produce as many as get ordered, up to the original number of 4000. So there’s no chance they won’t be going ahead with production.

    A full 12 month warranty will be provided, as required by law. Faulty units will be repaired, replaced, or refunded. They’ve gone through extensive testing and numerous hardware revisions to minimise the chances of this happening. The goal has always been to release it when it’s ready and reliable, as opposed to rushing it out as quickly as possible.

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