New video: fully functioning prototype

January 29, 2009

Here’s the new video from MWeston, showing a fully operational FDM prototype running a variety of tests and applications. Strap yourself in for ten minutes of goodness complete with soothing vocal commentary.

You had me at hellollo, Michael. :’)



  1. OMG…. so beautiful…
    I’ve been following this project for 7 months now, and it’s GORGEOUS ! I hope i’m gonna get one of the spare pandoras from the first batch !!

    Anyway, congratulations team, this is simply fantastic. The best handheld EVER !!

  2. For those of us who have no youtube, can you say what’s actually in the video? The forum discussion’s blocked as well.

  3. mazza558 – it’s powered by psp adaptor and hooked up to a PC for the s/w as he doesn’t have an anstrong image on it yet.

    Starts with a touchscreen test “hellollo”; does a test of the keyboard and nubs; shows some fmv in a PS1 emu (no controls), then does the Quake 2 demo (no controls), then plays picodrive using the controls, then shows last nights scrubs running in mplayer.

    Man i missed breakfast and didn’t make lunch just to watch this before i left the house; so happy that we’re on the home straight!

  4. Mazza, if you can access vixy.net or something similar, paste the youtube URL in and get your own copy. 😉

  5. Woo! that’s something to wake up for

  6. Looks very cool, I can’t wait anymore!

  7. Fantastic, great to see how well things are going now.

  8. Loving Mr Weston’s laid back presenting style there!

  9. OMG … I’m so excited!!!!!

  10. Looking good! I liked the button-test and touchscreen app

  11. wow… so awesome

    was worried about that clicking at first, thought it was the d-pad, good thing its just the FDM case’s fault

  12. I’m still waiting for my reorder details…

  13. Im a bit upset about one thing :
    cant we have links to download/share (using torrent) a vidéos using
    free codecs (Theora ogg-vorbis) instead of those closed source one? (flash and youtube) ?

  14. Nice vid, project is coming along nicely.
    Only 1 month away from final?? 😉
    Let’s hope it! 😛

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