Official Blog update – more Sneak-peeks

January 28, 2009

Did you come here for your daily basis of pictures?
Well, yep, I’ve got some more.
This time, I’ve got two more sneak preview renderings (in HiRes!). Still not finished (real life work is still a lot at the moment), however, looking better each day.
“What’s not finished in this render?” you may ask. Well, the keyboard layout is not yet the finished one, we’re working on it and it will be included as soon as we’re finished with it. The same goes for the printings on the case (SD 1, SD 2, etc. We might use icons for the functions).
Apart from that, it should look very close to the finished model.

While mentioning the finished model: As I told you yesterday, Michael got the FDM case and put together a first test unit. Everything fits! He didn’t have much time so he taped the case and didn’t put a working board inside, however, that will follow soon. Then we can actually show pictures of a working board inside that FDM case! Time to go for a real CNC case!

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