All controls working now!

January 28, 2009

Yes, the drivers for all input devices are in the kernel. Notaz made a test app that bring up an onscreen keyboard and visual representation of all gaming controls and the nubs. I can easily demo that, but it’s a bit boring compared to a game or something.




  1. So, what will be the first fully functional game to run on Pandora? I’d love it if it was Pandora Panic, but my money’s on Quake II.

  2. will there be a system option to have one of the nubs acting as a mouse as well?

  3. I would suggest demoing a game that is widely known. That would get more people excited when news of an actual working prototype propagates the news sites.

    Quake II would be neato; a PS1 emulator (with functioning analog nubs) would really send the interweb into a tizzy!

  4. I’m completely ok with a tech demo 😀

  5. Cool, but can we SEE the controls working?

  6. Yep, we can 😀
    Check the newest vid 😀

  7. IT’S UP!


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