A functional FDM Prototype Pandora coming soon

January 28, 2009

In reply to a query about the space bar using 2 contacts on the main board:

We tried this on rev2 and it was agreed by all that it was a bad idea. If the rubber was stiff enough to make both buttons press (ie. if you press in the middle), then you get two events back in Linux and it was agreed that would be confusing as you wouldn’t know if the space bar was pressed twice quickly or if you had to throw one event away. It was changed back to one input for rev3.

BTW, I just got some production analog nubs today so I’m soldering them onto a PCB for use in this FDM case. I had the whole thing together last night but I don’t think any games support the internal controls because everyone has been using USB gamepads and keyboards. If I can get a new build that works, I will definitely make a video.



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  1. MWeston just posted that he is uploading a video to Youtube of the functional FDM pandora.


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