Official Blog: Another Look at the Renders, Assembled Prototype

January 27, 2009

From EvilDragon:


Didn’t find as much time as I hoped I’d find to continue the model and renderings of the Pandora, but here is another small sneak peak smile.gif

I guess you will like it, as it solves the mystery about the LEDs.
Again, click on the thumbnail to increase the picture size a bit.

IPB Image

Also, the FDM case did arrive at Michael Weston’s home and he has successfully assembled a Pandora using the LCD, the board, the prototype battery and the prototype keymat. EVERYTHING FITS! biggrin.gif
I hope he finds some time to make some nice pictures soon!




  1. Haha – Every detail counts! Only concern I have is the potential lack of grip on the D Pad… can anyone put my fears to rest on that one??

    Getting closer now!

  2. I don’t understand why aren’t they’re already a dozen photos of the FDM case if MWeston already has it, and has had time to assemble and test it.

    We are being patient and all we want is as much info as possible, yet the devs still drip it out bit by bit.

    Yes they’re busy, but taking half a dozen pics and mailing them to chip takes literally 2 minutes; that’s not detrimental to actually testing the case, and it would sate our lust for knowledge

  3. what you think? assembling a prototype, checking everting and ordering a cnc seems way more urgent to me then taking snapshots

  4. I would like about 2 snapshots

  5. I would even like one!

  6. or a half!

  7. Craigix just posted again on Twitter:

    I just saw a video of the final complete FDM cased Pandora. It’s looking really good.

    8 minutes ago from web

    Mmmm.. can’t wait to see it. 🙂

  8. Rolldrum!!!!!!!!!trttrtrtrrtrtrt tak!

  9. http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?showtopic=46403

  10. I hope my fellow bloggers are online, I can’t access gp32x at work!

  11. evildragon has added more pandora hi-def renders to the blog as well.

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