Official Blog: Chinese New Year Delays; WiFi Working

January 26, 2009

EvilDragon added this to the blog

Happy new year!
Well… sort of 🙂
Why? Because yesterday has been the chinese new years day – which means that most of the guys in China are on holidays at the moment.
This might mean a delay of a few days for our CNC case and the keymat, though we’re not sure about that yet (we’re still talking to the companies about that.)

Some good news: We managed to get WiFi working! Basically, that was the last thing to test on the MK3 board, so the actual board is now ready for the mass production!

Going to bed now, it’s 5am here in Germany, worked enough for today, eh? 🙂



  1. Put it this way, if we get to the stage where everything is 100% ready to go, and the *only* thing left that we are waiting for, is for Chinese New Year celebrations to finish up so the boards can get mass manufactured – we are in a very good place. IF the manufacturing plants do actually shutdown for Chinese New Year, I can’t imagine them being closed for more than a week (even a week seems like quite a long time really).


  2. Trust me I’m in Hong Kong they do shut down the factories for Chinese New Year, some from almost two weeks before (I’m off until Thursday with public holidays here), we look forward to it, the air quality here is better for a week or so… it’s been all over the local news how many millions of Chinese are going home for this celebration, but yes if this is all we’re waiting for, great news indeed 🙂


  3. I think by the time the FDM case has been put together and approved the factories would of reopened so it doesn’t really make any difference. Nice to be told tho thx Ed 🙂

  4. However Craig has stated that the FDM should arrive today.
    Today (or tomorrow) we’ll see also the the photorealistic renderings from ED.

    P.S: Happy new year Jason!

  5. Just thought I’d put this here from the board to clear things up:

    From ED:
    “Final date should NOT be delayed by the chinese new year, as the mass production of the boards will probably take longer than the cases anyways.”

    Source: http://www.gp32x.com/board/index.php?s=&showtopic=46367&view=findpost&p=693251

    Ok sounds good to me. Kinda sad that the estimated finishing date slipped from February to March to April within a week’s time though.

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