FDM Case Should Arrive Today

January 26, 2009

Craig has said that the FDM case should be arriving today, which means we will probably see a prototype Pandora within the next couple of days.




  1. I can’t wait.

  2. Finally! So awesome! 😀

  3. I just want to go into Tigerdirect with the Pandora and walk into the group of people that surround the mini-laptops, place my Pandora down beside one and begin to look up specs for each of the mini-laptops.

  4. zomagads I am so excited! 😀

  5. WooH!

  6. less updates lately. Like there is not much going on, now 🙂 Well, gotta go back to work.

  7. oh, btw – how can I set some image on my avatar here?

  8. it’s called a gravatar. You set up a single avatar at the gravatar page and then everywhere you go, blogging, that supports gravatars, your image will follow you.

  9. how does wordpress identify me with gravater, to give an image? By sending (unencrypted?) my email address to each other?

  10. Cosurgi – yes, the Gravatar service uses your email adress. I don’t know if it’s encrypted. Check here: http://support.wordpress.com/avatars/gravatars/

    That page contains a link to the Gravatar website as well.

    Now, how about that FDM. Woo!

  11. [pessimism]

    Won’t be surprised if we dont see it this week.


  12. ooh gravatar

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