Sneak Preview Render

January 23, 2009

I haven’t had time to finish the photorealistic rendering yet (and won’t have to continue to work on it before Monday). However, I’ve rendered a sneak preview for you.

Lighting is not set up very well yet and the LEDs are still missing.
Expect more renderings next week, more close-ups, views from other sides, the stylus, etc.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

Also, I just heard that some of our core devs received the WiFi antenna, so they can finish the WiFi driver. As soon as this has happened, everything is set for the mass production of the board!
We’re getting closer, guys!




  1. Wow, that’s some pretty good talent to make it look realistic. I appreciate it.

  2. From the news before I was waiting to see what those buttons would look like. Quite nice.

  3. Awesome! Great job!

  4. Oh, now I get tempted to get back into the 3D-scene! If one just had a 3D-model it would be awesome, has it been released?

  5. The complete 3D model data will not be released to prevent copying by competitors.
    I would suggest asking ED for an exterior-only version, if possible. Its the inner design which would be of most interest to someone trying to bootleg the design.

  6. What makes you say that? Wouldn’t they be more worried about what it looks like (on the outside) than what’s on the inside, since they’re going to stuff it with cheap junk anyways?

  7. “and the LEDs are still missing.”

    No, they are the white long parts on both hinges ;o)

  8. Wow, looks so really good. Glad I’ve got one ordered and paid for. Great work ED 🙂

  9. Looks amazing. The keyboard buttons look good enough to eat.


  10. @TiKub: That’s not the final LED layout, the LED “strips” shown are effectively placeholders for this render.

    Anyway, yes, sexy as hell. 🙂

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