Re-Order emails going out

January 23, 2009

I can confirm that I have today recieved my re-order email.  I originally ordered by credit card and got refunded.

These are the emails expressing the payment options, as outlined in craigix’s forum post. Everybody that got refunded and has not subsequently re-ordered ought to get one of these.

Email details after the break. Forum thread for discussion.


We are unable, at this time, to accept re-orders via credit/debit cards.  We we’re briefly taking CC and Debit card orders but we have now had to stop after reaching our account limit.

The re-payment options available are:

1. Bank Transfer directly or using an online service such as http://www.tranzfers.com – please use your original order number as the reference on the transfer.

Bank Details:

OpenPandora Ltd.
26 Meadow Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 7LP

bic/swift is  BARCGB22

IBAN IS GB33BARC20238183525767

Sort Code:  20 23 81
Acc. No.  83525767

Bank address is:
NE63 9XB

Confirmation via email with be sent as soon as your transfer credits our account and it will be matched to your original order.

2. Cheque/Money Order –

To be made payable to: Openpandora Limited

Postal address:

Openpandora Ltd
26 Meadow Road
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE15 7LP

Please include a brief note with your original order number.

Confirmation via email will be sent when we receive your cheque and it will be matched to your original order.

Please reply to this email to let us know if you wish to re-order and the payment method.





  1. Did you already reorder? Are you an AMEX person, or is this what you were waiting for?

    I understand this is a reorder email, but I thought they were done. More info please.


  2. @Noisome: Reordering emails are sent manually to the people who have preordered and does not have reorder yet.

  3. Yeah, I got mine 4 days ago…mailed them a cheque yesterday, should be there in a week I think.

  4. Cheque as in what we call a personal check in the USA?

  5. Yeah, I’m in Canada, so same thing.

  6. Woops, used my other online name…OddyOh, EmuGuy, same guy. 🙂

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