EvilDragon making photorealistic renders

January 22, 2009

EvilDragon has confirmed that he’s making more renders for the Pandora, this time, photorealistic.

I’m working on more renderings (photorealistic), give me some time though



  1. Renders just aren’t doing it for me anymore.

  2. Same as sinoth, sounds like a bad execuse to keep people quite.
    How about thinking about emergency strategys and planning other stuff instead?
    We know how it will look like, a render means nothing to me.

  3. Waste of fucking time. Do I need to publish a list of “you know it’s vaporware when…” items?

  4. It’s not vaporware when we have dev boards, FDM models and near final boards.

    Jeez. This ain’t fucking Nintendo, LEAVE OPENPANDORA ALLLOONEE!!!

  5. Since we will have to wait a long time before looking at real pandora, i will be happy to see those photorealistic renders..

  6. Yeah no need to be so negative guys. He’s just trying to make the rest of us happy.

  7. Renders are okay for me, too. This will not slow down the creation of the pandora, but make the time waiting a little bit sweeter 🙂

  8. You just can’t please some people. They moan with no updates etc and then they moan when they get updates. You’ll probably find he’s doing them to update the renders on the site, it doesn’t mean he’s stopped building a pandora just to do this. I for one will be happy to see a photo realistic render of the final new case, thx ED

  9. To those that whine:

    Get a life and stop posting crap on the forums and comments. It’s a waste of yours and other peoples time.

    To those that support Pandora:

    way to go!

  10. Pandora is going to be one of the greatest handheld systems ever. Even better than the Cowon Q5W which is at the top of the list and ARCHOS 5, Nokia N810. Think about it!!! So, wait and hold horses!

  11. IHMO renders are always welcome! They are also a good way of showing everyone what the pandora or a part of it will look like. Imagine if they had to physically get the cases made each time instead of renders, it would cost a fortune.


  12. or waste your time by hoping for a pandora to come out anytime soon your choice

    To those that criticise anyone getting annoyed by constant delays – how long would you put with any other company doing this after they’d taken your money?

  13. *laugh* Yeah, I’m beginning to pick up a similar meme across both this blog & the forums now…

    “Why can’t you just leave Britney… er, OpenPandora alone?! Don’t you know that she… they are under alot of stress because of banks and stuff?” cue YouTube video here 🙂

  14. Great renders! I’m getting more and more excited about the project as things are finalized. Ya know, its a bummer a lot of people are whining about not having a unit in their hands. After all, isn’t this being produced by a major coporation with millions of dollars to drop on research and development? What about that super-cool Hollywood celebrity the Pandora team hired to promote the device? Aww man, why does nothing happen perfect? After all, we live in a perfect world don’t we? Go Pandora!!!!

  15. There’s an update on the official blog, I thought I’d just note it here rather than put a new post up. No new pics yet (ED has a real job too, unfortunately) but worth a read.


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