Bunch of Pandora Applications: GnGeo, PowerManga, etc.

January 21, 2009

Cpasjuste has just added a ton of new applications available for testing.

Full list and download link after the break.


  • GnGeo
  • PowerManga
  • Sms
  • Snes9x
  • NeoPop
  • Hatari
  • Battle for Wesnoth

If you have a dev board you can download any of them here. If you don’t, there’s also a bunch of videos you can download.



  1. Cpasjuste is doing good work. We’re going to have so much stuff available from day one!

  2. Some test results from Cpasjuste

    Here are some accurate tests, the gngeo emulator is running with “scale 2x” and “scanline 50%” :

    Metal Slug X @ 200mhz : ~28 fps
    Metal Slug X @ 300mhz : ~43 fps
    Metal Slug X @ 400mhz : ~58 fps
    Metal Slug X @ 500mhz : ~71 fps
    Metal Slug X @ 600mhz : ~83 fps
    Metal Slug X @ 700mhz : ~93 fps
    Metal Slug X @ 800mhz : ~101 fps

    Twinkle Star Sprites @ 200mhz : ~30 fps
    Twinkle Star Sprites @ 300mhz : ~49 fps
    Twinkle Star Sprites @ 400mhz : ~65 fps
    Twinkle Star Sprites @ 500mhz : ~80 fps
    Twinkle Star Sprites @ 600mhz : ~94 fps
    Twinkle Star Sprites @ 700mhz : ~108 fps
    Twinkle Star Sprites @ 800mhz : ~116 fps

    And for fun :
    Metal Slug X @ 800mhz without “scale 2x” and “scanline 50%” effects : ~146 fps

  3. You’ve just got to love those numbers!

  4. Awesome. 🙂

  5. I can’t wait to have the pandora in my hands and start developing for it. The Pandora is a beast!

  6. The number posted/quoted by Yod4z above are not with the asm cyclone core ( there is a regression bug it seems ). Cpasjuste did the test to see the performance difference.

    [quote]With the scale2x effect, 22khz sound and 500mhz Cpu we get 54 average fps on twinkle thing sprite with the C68k core, and 82 average fps with the cyclone core.[/quote]

    So, give our take that the original quoted number can be +- 40% higher with the correct core.

    Then you also need to take in effect, that the everything is software rendered ( including the scaling ). So, another part that can be optimized.

    Giving these numbers, using scale 2 x, your looking at +60fps at 200 a 300mhz…

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