Wind, Water, and other interesting elements

January 20, 2009


Classic GP2X game Wind and Water: Puzzle Battles is planned for a Pandora release, according to forum member A r k (who also happens to be one half of Yuan Works, the name behind the game). Wind and Water still enjoys status as one of the premier commercial GP2X titles, and in recent times was even released for Dreamcast (yes, you read that right). Yuan Works have another Pandora possibility on the drawing board too, a side scroller involving cute ninjas and sweet animation. Visit the Yuan Works dev blog to see why “Little Ninja” is high on our “yes please” list.

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Speaking of Dreamcast, did you hear the one about the game dev from back in the day who maybe, just maybe, had thoughts of porting a classic DC title to Pandora? Well, you didn’t hear it from us.

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  1. Cool, this game looks like a lot of fun actually!

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