Update from Craig; Ordering Options, Hardware Status…

January 19, 2009

Hello everyone,

Payments are coming in at a steady rate now via alternative means.

We will honour the AMEX orders so don’t worry about those.

Payment methods you can use:

Tranzfers: $5 cost which we will cover, especially good for USA orders.

Bank Transfer: Will vary depending where you are, good for Europe and UK.

Money order: This will cost you nothing and can be requested from your bank and you will have to post it to us, it costs us $10 to cash it here but we will cover that.

Cheques: These work but again you will have to post them to us, the fees for accepting them seem to vary.

I need to go in to a little more detail on the CC situation, if we were selling PSP and DS consoles, yes, they would probably be fine, but as soon as they see we are selling something ‘made by the community’ they instantly back off and don’t let us take orders or limit the orders to such a low amount as to make it pointless, this is due to the project not having a big name behind it I guess, although the reasons vary depending on who you speak to.

There is nothing we can do here, I’ve been down every route, things are very different to a few years ago in regards to merchant numbers. Two banks have said they are willing to review this situation in 4-6 months time (ie when we are more established in their eyes).

So that’s how long the CC situation will take.

But the good news is you guys are ordering and things are slowly getting back to normal.

The FDM has been ordered (I think the top half has already arrived with Michael).

We already demoed the icontrolpad here which is at CNC stage:


The Pandora demo will be following soon (actually whenever the FDM arrives).

The 3D driver is working, Wifi is saying hello, the batteries are working, *ALL* LCD screens are finally in the USA (they should be in Texas today).

Now, those of you who don’t want to reorder right now please let us know so we can open up some slots for people on the waiting list, I know that seems harsh but we have to move on this now as we approach MP.

Your original order price will still stand if you decide to order in the future (ie maybe in 4-6 months when we hope to have merchant numbers). You will get the fast track treatment at that point.

I hope this will be the final post regarding ordering for a long while, it’s time to get some finished Pandoras out there.






  1. Thumbs up! I was wondering how long time will pass until this will hit this blog 🙂 And this is all officially good news, coming from OpenPandora itself!

  2. Excellent. This should indeed be the last word we need on reordering. Honouring the original order cost for those who want to reorder later in the year: very good work.

  3. I don’t quite get it. How much will this delay the second batch, and will the spares from the first be sold separately in advance?

  4. A man would be a fool to start guessing about delays, so I won’t go there.

    Regarding spares, technically there won’t be any, as the manufactured quantity will now match the number of orders. Order cancellations may open up slots in the first batch though. Make sure you’re subscribed to the official mailing list, and this site, for the heads up.

  5. Excellent work, a straight forward update, with little mystery to it! +1…Now, to decide a method for my payment!

  6. /drool

    ’nuff said

  7. This is pretty great technology and I think its only going to grow. I just hope it gets affordable soon. hokieg

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