PandoraPanic! (The game, not that other thing you’re doing)

January 19, 2009

PandoraPanic! ...the community game

While the sky falls around us (/end sarcastic melodrama), many attention-worthy projects continue to flourish in the back rooms of the community. One such project, captained by scene stalwart PokeParadox, is a WarioWare-style affair called PandoraPanic! in which short, fast minigames are strung together for button mashing bedlam. It’s a true community effort, with all minigames contributed by forum members.

More is merrier when it comes to minigames, so if you’re a coder and you’d like to contribute, jump into the developer discussion and make yourself known. PandoraPanic! is slated for release when the first Pandoras ship.

PandoraPanic: The only form of panic officially endorsed by the unofficial blog.

Update: Latest WIP video from PokeParadox added, after the jump.



  1. That logo kicks ass!

  2. PANIC!!!! good to see that the effort has not gone unnoticed. PokeParadox ofcourse get’s all the credits for making this possible, but i’ve spent numerous days(weeks?) learning and developing games for this, so good to see it mentioned 🙂

  3. Thanks for the nice write up on the blog Gruso.

    It’s been interesting keeping this project going and introducing people to c++. A lot of effort has been poured into this by at several GP32X.com members, including MarkoeZ above. It would not have been possible without these dedicated mini-game writers, it would only be a skeleton engine! 😉
    It’s nice to be appreciated, but I certainly don’t deserve, or want, all the credit!

    If you have any criticism or suggestions, we are all ears.

  4. Nice. I wish I could help out, but I have no skills 😦

  5. kutgw!

  6. […] to popular demand, a WIP build of the ever evolving PandoraPanic! has been released for Linux users. Grab your copy and leave your comments […]

  7. […] a vários pedidos, foi publicada uma versão WIP (Work In Progress) do sempre-em-desenvolvimento PandoraPanic! para utilizadores de Linux. Podem descarregar uma cópia e deixar cometários […]

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