Pandora Case Lid Photo

January 19, 2009

What’s this? Actual Pandora news?! – Looks like it!

MWeston posted this, accompanied by this info:

I just have the new lid section so far. I’m evaluating the hinge and LCD cable transfer to the base with this piece. Also, you can see the antenna and speaker placement. I will update with more when I can but I’m a little swamped with work these days



  1. There’s more pictures in the album that might be worth adding. No idea how old they are though.

  2. The others in the album are oldish, or unrelated. That’s why I keep my photobucket private, heh.

    Anyway, good to see this new shot. Can’t wait for the CNC! I’m thinking it will be white, if the new iControlpad CNC prototype is anything to go by: http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=7ojLKeewbEk

    (For those who don’t know, that’s another project of Craig’s.)

  3. I’ve noticed that lots of these prototypes are amazingly scruffy, and unpolished. I’m hoping that the final versions will be a lot smoother…

  4. The prototypes we’ve seen so far use a rapid prototyping method which is quick and “rough” by nature. They can be produced in a short time, and don’t cost much. The final CNC prototype will be much more refined. And the actual production line Pandoras will have the nice, smooth finish you’d expect of any bit of gadgetry.

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