Ordering Clarification from Craig

January 19, 2009

Craig has just posted the following explanation. I think the last line may ease a few nerves.

Exophase was just chatting to me and suggested I make this post to clear up some things.

Preorders – we need preorders to pay for the manufacturing costs of the Pandora. I don’t think we have claimed we had enough money to cover the first batch without preorders, I’m not sure where this has come from, possibly because we have said we have paid for the parts, but parts do not = manufacturing costs.

If we could cover the manufacture we would have never needed a preorder system. Preorders also paid for the GP2X for those of you who remember the run up to that, however the banks were happy to let it happen with credit cards back then.

So soon we will have a cut off date and then manufacture the Pandoras paid for to that point. We don’t really have a choice in this, it’s the only way forward which will work in a safe way.

The final prototype Pandora (ie the last one before mass production) will be shown before the cut off date




  1. You beat me to it 🙂

  2. …And me 😛

  3. I wasn’t paying attention.

  4. Just paying you all back to beating me to everything newsworthy these last few days. 😉

  5. Would have been good if we had many more writers, each more inactive than the last, following on from gruso, so…

    “I wasn’t paying attention.”
    “I didn’t even know about the re-ordering situation!”
    “Wow, an Unofficial Pandora Blog!”
    “So when are they taking orders for the first batch?”
    “What’s a Pandora?”

  6. Please! OP! get rid of Chip, he’s the one who spread the rumour about Pandora not needing any money to produce. This “PR” has done nothing but trying to guess what’s going on. If you’re not able to give real informations to a PR to transmit to the public: don’t get a PR!

  7. Chip has done a lot of good work on the forums. It’s hard to convey just how much change has taken place on gp32x since Pandora really started to catch on (which I guess was around the beginning of ’08, when I joined). Chip stuck it out, when many old school members went into hiding. He’s been pivotal in keeping the place ordered. He can be blunt and humourless (hi Chip :p), but he’s a no bullshit guy and that’s what was needed.

    Let’s not crucify him over a bit of unintended misinformation. He’s hardly the first guy to be wrong about something.

  8. Everything I post is based on what I’m told. A while back I specifically asked if large numbers of CC cancellations would put the whole project at risk, and was told “No, even if all the CC orders canceled, we could still make the Pandoras that have been paid for.” Since I hadn’t heard anything else on the subject, that’s the answer I’ve been giving.

  9. Conflicting information is not good.

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