Build your own Angstrom (Pandora OS) image!

January 19, 2009

Much thanks to user ttcircus for pointing this out.

This is an Online image builder for the Angstrom (Pandora) OS – meaning you can test stuff out from the comfort of your own PC. Just select “omap3-pandora”, check all the boxes, tick “Matchbox” (or any others you want to try), tick all the packages you want and click “build”! Then wait for the process to finish and download it. If you want to actually try it out, you’ll probably need QEmu and a fast PC.


  1. Looks awesome, I will try that for my beagleboard this weekend I think =)

    But does this really work with VMWare? Wouldn’t QEmu make more sense?
    I thought VMWare only did x86

  2. Hmm, after inspecting the “image”, it’s actually already unpackaged, so no easy-iso route. QEmu would probably be wise, too.

  3. I’d love to experience what it will be like to use my pandora when it comes. Is there a walk through somewhere that steps me through how to get one of these Angstrom images working on my Windows machine?

  4. How please this thing to use?

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