The Re-ordering situation FAQ

January 17, 2009

Thanks to forum user Javajake who posted this handy FAQ for people wondering what the situation is now.  Note that this is UNOFFICIAL, NOT BACKED UP ENTIRELY BY THE DEVS – SO DON’T TAKE IT TOO LITERALLY.

Someone wanted a FAQ. That’s a great idea. Here’s a start. If anyone wants the source BB-code to edit it up, send me a PM.

    • I’m an AMEX cardholder, and I’ve paid, but I have not received a refund. What’s my situation?
      You’re good to go. OpenPandora has decided to take the hit since it’s unlikely at this stage either you or OpenPandora will see that money.
    • I’ve been refunded, and I want to re-order by credit card. How do I do that?
      As it stands, you can’t. There are two viable solutions mentioned: either wait until the Pandoras are ready to ship, and then receive credit card orders (vs. pre-orders), or sell gift cards which can be used to pre-order a Pandora. These solutions assume that credit card orders can even be received. Also, these solution were presented by the community and we’ve yet to hear any official reply. The best option right now is to do a bank transfer.
    • I’ve decided to do a bank transfer. What are my options?
      There’s two: transferz.com and your bank. If you’re not willing to trust an online company, but are taken aback by the large fees of an international bank transfer through your bank, OpenPandora has kindly offered to discount the re-order price to pay for some of the fees.
    • Aren’t bank transfers insecure?
      Relative to credit cards? Yes. Relative to sending cash by mail? No. Is trust involved? Yes. If you’re to make it through this entire situation unscathed by any future credit-card issues, you must re-order by bank transfer.
    • I don’t trust them! I think they’re a fraud/scam!
      Whether or not you plan to trust OpenPandora with your money is your choice. Screaming that a company who’s done business for 10 years, has spent all kinds of money to develop prototypes, development boards, and software for the Pandora, and has refunded everyone’s money (nearly) at least once, is a fraud or a scam is not going to be met with agreement by the older members of this forum. We’ve heard the arguments before – some of them are valid, and some of them are not – and what it comes down to is each individual’s personal decision.
    • Why wasn’t my entire order refunded?
      When you ordered, it was (or should’ve been) the general understanding that you’re paying 200 GBP, not 340 USD. Thus, when you were refunded, you were given back the 200 GBP in USD. It’s going to be less, because of conversion rates. Try entering in the amount that you were refunded into Google (something like “200 GBP in USD“) and you’ll see that the amount comes to around 200 GBP. (Keep in mind that rates have probably fluctuated since you were refunded, so the amount reported by Google will not be 100% accurate. Nevertheless, it does demonstrate what we’re talking about.)
    • I’ve sent my money, but I decided I want a refund. What do I do?
      E-mail the company you pre-ordered from. They’ll refund the amount of your re-order. You can find the e-mail address you should use by looking at the “From” header in the order confirmation e-mail you received.




  1. “OpenPandora has kindly offered to discount the re-order price to pay for some of the fees.”

    It cost me £30 for my bank transfer. How do I sign up to get this discount taken off the price I paid?

  2. according to forums you simply bank transfer the amount to paid lowered by your transfer fee. So instead of transferring $X, you transfer $X-$fee. The communication about this is done as usual, by email with OpenPandora.

    First you reply to the confirmation email which you received upon purchase (or the reorder email), telling that you wish to transfer $X-$fee. They answer that it is OK, then you do it.

  3. ehm.. is it really clever to quote such information?
    Just asking.. but I think things like this will change quickly, and when it is about money its a serious thing, feeding people with false information (afaik, this was not looked over by the makers yet) can result in alot of trouble. You should instead create a link to the forum only and mention to go there for up-to-date information, yet you should also mention wether its offical or not.

  4. “You’re good to go. OpenPandora has decided to take the hit since it’s unlikely at this stage either you or OpenPandora will see that money.”

    I think that should be changed to:
    “You’re good to go. OpenPandora has decided to take the hit since it’s unlikely at this stage either you or OpenPandora will see that money *anytime soon*.”

  5. Please append some info about back transfers, as it seems that the same thing means something different in continental Europe and in US/Canada…

    Apparently, in Europe when you use bank transfers, you can get back the money if something goes wrong, whereas in the US, you can’t. At least that’s how I understand it. I may be wrong.

  6. I’ve added a disclaimer that it’s not official.

  7. I don’t own a business but, if only there was a reliable way for me to give funding to these Open Pandora guys I’d be really willing to give it, perhaps as an investment sort of thing

  8. I wanted to clarify something:

    “There are two viable solutions mentioned: either wait until the Pandoras are ready to ship, and then receive credit card orders…”

    Does this mean that our place in line will still be preserved?

  9. http://www.xe.com is a really useful currency converter with up-to-date rates. Just mentioning it cos it’s more reliable than google 😉


  10. @ Ranma13: Up until this point the official stance on that has been yes. I can’t see any reason for that to change; even if they were to start shipping before all the CC orders made it back in, they could still follow the order sequence, skipping any that were not yet paid, and slotting them back in as the payments come in.

    Anyway, I’m sure you’ll be able to get your order back in before shipping starts. Just keep an eye on the blog. 😉

    // Disclaimer: this comment contains opinion, speculation, and little to no officially endorsed fact. 🙂 //

  11. If launching mass production of those first 3000 units costs $1 million, it would have been nice if Open Pandora Limited could have found that funding somewhere else than to ask 3000 people to pay for it several months early.

    Although I hope for the project that everything turns out to work great, in consumer electronics projects, there are a huge number of things that can go wrong. There are plenty of hardware bugs that can be hard to detect before mass production has been launched.

    For the consumer not to be protected against any of those things that can go wrong is kind of shaky.

    Pehaps Open Pandora Limited could have asked for $1 million in investment by the community. And that for each $340 or so you would get a free Open Pandora version1 for your investment, or get the money back from credit card payments on shipping after the normal warranty period has passed. Cause you want to have funds to take care any eventual returns to manufacturer for any of the potential hardware bugs that there might be.

    Anyways, I hope everything will turn out great for the project anyways, even as it’s a few months late. I’d prefer paying by credit card though cause that by law gives me a consumer protection that bank transfers do not.

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