No more credit card orders… for now – vote for a solution

January 16, 2009

This is what craigix posted earlier…

Hello everyone,

Well well well, we reached our limit on googlecheckout.

Really the only system we are having any luck with is bank transfers, unless we actually ship something…

So, solutions, well http://www.tranzfers.com/ costs $5 to make a transfer at a sensible rate. Several of you used this and it works very well.

OR we actually ship you something with the Pandora free later on, we could ship the OS + some early software on a CD to you with the Pandora to follow.

What do you think? The credit card route is just causing us nightmares if we don’t ship anything. (and in general)

Oh and if HSBC really won’t refund those AMEX orders we will just have to take the hit and honour them anyway. I’ve had a meeting with them about it but I may as well have been speaking to a brick wall.


So, Tranzfers, CD, what do you think?



  1. When will this nightmare reorder end? …

  2. I would get charged $42 for an international transfer 😦

  3. Wow, thank God google checkout is out for the count, that service was so finicky that it wasn’t funny at all. I couldn’t order because my address didn’t fit and I got suspended for it whoop di do.

  4. So, have the re orders started? I did not get notified. I did order to start with…

    Let me know


  5. We still need protection of cc ordering! Bank transfers do not protect the buyer !

    A cd plus guarantee of pandora to follow by a certain FIXED date would be fine

    I take it they need this to finance the production?! Not exactly the best way of funding a new product!

    Without our cash openpandora can’t afford to make the units, so they are a findncial risk so we DO need credit card protection!!!

  6. You know, at this point what I’ll do is not re-order and wait for the Pandora to be officially finish and cry that I want one when all this is sorted out and done.

    Sort of disappoints me, I sent an e-mail recently to know if my model was still safe in queue because I hadn’t respond to the refund for like a month (holidays, work, etc). I wanted to re-order but I was sent no URL and I decided to look at the progress and decided to wait.

    I admire what you goes have achieved so far but I figured that for now, I can do better use of that money and will find the necessary funds to order a Pandora when all is said and done.

    Can’t wait to see the end of it, Pandora is the best handheld out there!

  7. People are ordering by credit card for protection. If you sent them a cd for £200 they’s get no protection on the pandora coz you would of kept your end of the bargin and they would of got what they ordered ie a cd 😦

  8. Where would I go to order Pandora? I’ve been looking everywhere for them. Someone please help!

  9. Robert: Sign up to the mailing list at openpandora.org to be notified when orders are open again.

  10. Can’t they find some type of investor to loan them the necessary amount of money to produce those 3000 units of the first batch and then just take normal credit card payments when the units are ready for shipping?

  11. Tranzfers is ridiculous. When you sign up they mail you (yes snail mail) your login info. Then you have to send them a copy of your ID.

    In the time it would take to do that I could mail a check or money order. Also the fees on money orders are generally less than $5. Will this option be available?

  12. just sounds like a very insecure business if they NEED cash from their purchasers UP FRONT!

    Can you imagine what the press would say if Sony said we want to release a PSP2 but people have to hand over money up front, and only then will we bolt them together and send you one maybe a month or two later! duh!

    If we are to have total respect for openpandora then we need to see they have a totally secure business, backed by the banks and take credit card payment when the pandora is IN STOCK or at least within 1 month of launch!

    Come on openpandora… get some finance, build the units, sell them, pay back the finance and start again on batch 2 with a ton of capital to work with.

    Just all sounds pitiful… excuses after excuses, blaming banks. What would ‘Dragons Den’ make of this shambles?!!!!

  13. sounds like a scam to me. scammers love bank transfers, because it’s almost impossible for the victims to get their money back.

  14. Can’t seem to get an answer to the “Do they currently have enough money from the bank transfers and credit card orders to go into mass production? People say they have but no official word from OpenPandora. All gone a bit quiet on the forum. Even chip has vanished and he’s always knocking about. A sad state of affairs. Need to pull a miricle out of the hat to stop this train wreck! choo choo, choo choo. Wish I hadn’t paid by C&C gain now 😦

  15. Please change the survey theme, it’s too easily mistaken for an advertisement. Maybe a more minimalistic one? It took me forever to realize that it was a poll.

  16. Sorry for double post, I forgot to mention something up above.

    @josath: Please shut the fuck up. Thank you.

  17. So what about those of us who already paid by international transfer? When the reorder mail came, I followed the kind request on the email not to reorder by credit card, because it would cost Craig et al money. So I paid by international transfer and ended up paying 10 euros extra.

    Do we get a free cd regardless?

  18. Sorry, but ordering without credit card protection (which ordering the “very expensive” CD would be) sounds ludicrous given the problems that have occurred to date.

    Recall they were meant to SHIP end of November last year… they still haven’t got all the orders done again and it’s getting late in January. I think they will find alot (too many?) people are going to say (as I will) – “No credit card security? No order.”

  19. Wow, the blog has suddenly become the forums; with a bunch of poorly informed haters, posting nonsense, and failing to comprehend the most basic aspects of the project

  20. Everyone needs to calm down.

    This kind of chatter, and especially what is on the forums today, is exactly the opposite of what the devs need from us right now.

    All of us who have pre-ordered are early adopters in a community driven project. We need to stick together, as we have all along, and ride this thing out. The outright panic that we have seen today is sad and disturbing. Have some fortitude, for goodness sakes. The sky is not falling, people! Remember that we are extremely fortunate to have a direct line into the Pandora company though the regular dialogue that is provided on the forums. This is a PRIVILEGE. We are lucky to be a part of the process to bring this machine to the market! Roll with the punches folks, and suck it up. This is a very special project and the very reason that it’s having some speedbumps is exactly because it’s being created by an extremely small community instead of a billion dollar corporation that mass produces products. When is the last time that Sony or apple created an open source product that took years worth of input from their users?

    Get a backbone kids, and show some support when the project needs it. We’re almost there.

  21. Macguyver:

    Well community driven is always nice to say but there is a business behind it.

    I think what most of the ppl are pointing out is not that they are not capable of designing a great gamin device. The team has put a lot of effort into the project and we know it’s not easy for them.
    What some people are really pointing out is how unprofessional the pre-order was. I can understand that they are some delay but the whole credit card order problem could have been predicted from the beginning. The cd solution from craigix really make the whole thing look amateurish and risky business.

    That being said I still hope that things will eventually get sorted out.

    I do think people have show a great deal of support for the project that should continue.

    However the pandora team has to give us some truthful information about the states the project is in.
    At one one moment they told that they was no money problem for producing the unit and now they give us the impression to be desperate on getting some cash. That does need some explanation.

  22. Come on, people, you do realize that the week after the preorders occurred that there was a worldwide financial meltdown!
    This is what has caused the banking difficulties.

    If you want an early production unit, you will have to pay for a bank transfer, and trust that the Open Pandora Ltd. folks will make good on your trust.

    If not, don’t buy it.

    Your choice.
    Please stop whining.

    I made my choice and did the bank transfer back on Dec. 6th. Cost me an extra $30 from the US. Took 5 minutes at the bank. No, I didn’t deduct the wire transfer cost from the amount I sent in.

  23. arekkusu: They are not desperate for money, but you are not going to get a pandora without paying for it.

    The explanation is very simple. If they wait until next month when all the pandoras are boxed and ready to ship, then 1800 people are not going to get their pandoras because they haven’t paid. Hence the need to resolve the payment issues as soon as possible.

    Seriously, what do you expect them to do? Just cancel the rest of the preorders? A lot of people would be very unhappy if they did that.

  24. Well nobody really know for sure if they actually have enough money to build them all right now.
    So yes that might have been a bit too negative to say this from my part. Still the we ship a cd for the price of a pandora is just wrong and a very bad idea (if not fraud and illegal).

    2 week before when they are SURE they will make it in time or just as they ship the first unit they should be able to accept CC order without problem from the bank, right ?
    I can understand the bank can be a pain but still it’s their business to deal with them.

    Don’t tell me that processing the payment of 1800 order should take more time than producing the unit.

  25. They hit their limit with Google checkout after a little over 200 orders. There is no way they’re going to get 1800 credit card orders processed in 2 weeks. It’s just not going to happen.

    Seriously, try opening a new bank account and then make $594,000 in deposits in the first few days and see if someone at the bank doesn’t get the slightest bit suspicious.

  26. Is it true that people who want to pay by credit card for the pre-ordered units are now gonna have to wait till the 2nd batch is made to get there Pandora? that sucks 😦

  27. Ok, i want to do the bank transfer,

    where do I find to info for where the money is to go??


  28. @ biaatch: No, to my knowledge that is not true.

    @ kris: Reply to your original order confirmation email and ask for the details.

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