Craigix’s response to G3D Developer

January 16, 2009


Thank you for coming here and posting this, we would love to have a port of this on the Pandora.

We will have the first MP test boards at the start of next month (if all should go according to plan) these will then have to be populated but it should not take too long.

At that point we should be able to make more boards available to developers for projects such as this.

It seems every week we have interest from more and more big projects, it looks like the Pandora will turn out to be even more than we imagined when we made the rather radical design decisions. We are really happy that you want to develop for the machine. It’s going to be a fun ride.

If you email or PM Chip (he may email/PM you) we can get you on the list.




This was in response to a developer asking about a 3D engine being ported.



  1. sounds good to me.

  2. Sounds very cool. Not only for potential Pandora content, but a possible foot in the door of the education market? That did great things for GP2X sales.

  3. Well it’s great yes. I think that open platforms are what they’re looking for as it’s much cheaper than getting a dev-kit, and there’s more feedback with users than an educational version of a console like Net Yaroze or the PS2 Linux kit I think.

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