Taste the rainbow: delicious concept art

January 14, 2009


It ain’t exactly news but it ain’t half bad. Community member traylorpark has come up with some art concepts so retro-delicious, they should bring a tear to the eye of any 80’s gamer. It’s already been hinted (very gently, mind you) that some of the artwork could become official Pandora wallpaper… or maybe something more? Read on to see the rest, and be sure to tell us what you think.









  1. The last one MUST be the box art. If not for batch 1, for batch 2.

  2. The second one is sooooo Sinclair Spectrum. Great work, would love to receive a Pandora in that packaging.

  3. I just fell in love again.

  4. if i’d receive that box in the mail somewhere late februari or beginning of march i would be so happy.
    and the box would look really good as a collectible

  5. gay!

  6. I don’t like it, sorry.

  7. It is very cute, but I like the old pure Black versions better. When it is all black it has a pure roughness of power and unknown wanting to scream out if it is opened.

    I think that makes sense…..I hope that makes sense.

  8. +1 to mazza, that would be great box art.

  9. If they ever do a limited edition rainbow coloured pandora, that’s the box they should be using. I like it.

    I don’t think it fits well with the existing logo though. As an unofficial render it’s really fun though.

  10. That is very goodlooking, the colors are superb! I would not be sad if they put that on the pandora box.

  11. wow! stunning! I love it!

  12. I whish I could have my console in horizontal rainbow colours by this pattern. inside white perhaps 🙂

  13. I like it

  14. I think it’s very cool

  15. […] by gp32x.de forum member “knotenpunkt”. It might lack the evocative retro charm of traylorpark’s designs, but it’s a well put together concept which looks so much like a real one, we can […]

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