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January 13, 2009

The blog theme and layout has been changed repeatedly based on the desires of many different readers, and yet some people are still not satisfied – some apparently so unsatisfied that they’ve stopped reading the blog. To remedy this, I’ve posted a poll on the forums asking which layout/theme you’d prefer, and I will go with whichever has the most votes. You’ll find that each option has a compromise, whether it’s not having a custom image at the top, or being forced to read a page just 800 pixels wide. Choose wisely!


UPDATE: The people have spoken – the majority appear to be in favour of keeping the current blog, at least for now. We’ll keep it as it is until the Pandora’s out in April/May or so.



  1. With no access to gp32x from work, I do wonder how this discussion is going. In the meantime I thought I’d set up a blog to tinker with, and threw in a quick & dirty crop of the new Pandora header.


    Not too crazy about the little flower things in the sidebar, but the minimal screen use is great.

  2. You’ll never please everyone – it looks far from rubbish, and easily meets the major requirement of giving us some sence of forward movement without requiring hourly checking of the forums. 🙂

  3. At least the font is readable on this theme! Thank you.

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