Example photo (not of Pandora) shows final keypad finish

January 13, 2009


First, let’s be clear: This is not the actual Pandora keypad. It’s a sample keypad, posted by craigix,  showing the actual firm-topped finish that Pandora will use. We’re pretty sure you’ll never find yourself playing a game with controls like Knead, Waist, and Vibrate, but if you do, be sure to let us in on it.




  1. I’d like a bit of waist on my pandora

  2. Maybe the 3D fan-made render can be updated.

  3. “Baker’s Dozen”, an amazing new game for Pandora!

    It’s all about starting a bakery in a bread-infested town. Trade for your flower, hunt down the Yeasts, battle the Organic Zombies and dodge their lethal ruffage-loafs! The thrills are around every “corn-er”; the excitement “rises” continually!

    Game quote: “Have a bun, zombie!”

    “Baker’s Dozen”, buy it NOW! From LooniGames. Only 99.99!

  4. I can see some skate game potential there too. 720 Calf Air, woooo!

  5. Holy cow!!! that looks good. Never had that in mind.

  6. these keys might actually be a bit slippery and not so good to use with a fingernail, dunno though, i’m sure they look nice expecially if theres a nice led backlight 🙂

  7. […] the final keys will coated with a hard, shiny “cap” (as depicted here), making them easier to reach and easier to click: “The coating will add a bit. Maybe 1mm or […]

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