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January 12, 2009

It’s been a very slow couple of days in terms of Pandora news, and the blog stats and the number of posts seem to reflect that. However, there are two very small snippets of news that may interest some of you.

Firstly, Chip has confirmed that the LCD response time is “30ms black-to-black” (source)

Secondly, Squidge has recently asked which stylus people would prefer to use. Post your opinions here and on the forums!

IPB Image

Which one looks crappy and which looks smart?
EDIT: Cosurgi’s started a new thread for you to vote for your preference. Go, go, go!


  1. I say use the stylus that matches the color of the case.

  2. I’d pick the Tapwave Zodiac stylus (the black one) . . . because I already have spares. πŸ™‚

  3. Well. These are stylus from Tapwave Zodiac.
    I’ve lost the black one. But I’ve the metal one too. I prefer the black one because of shape but the metal one can be used as weapon too! XD

    Sometimes when you lose the styles it’s better the metal one. It’s bright. The black one is easy to lose.

    Some peope said Zodiac’s stylus were the best of pda stylus.

  4. I think the black one would be best as it matches the case. But I like the look of the metal one.

  5. I like the one that matches the case too because its thicker.

  6. Weird question … what would the metal one be made of? I’m allergic to chrome, so if it was “high-quality” (read: chrome-plated) I would just have to get another one X_X

  7. i like the metal one.
    the bright color could come in handy as i tend
    to lose things quite easily

  8. The metal one is cool and hard to loose, but the black one matches the case…daem…

  9. The plastic one can travel on an airplane, the metal one could cause some trouble at the check-in πŸ˜‰

  10. Yeah, the Chrome one looks really cool.

  11. uh, where’s the link to the forum where the question was asked. Is there a voting poll?

    I want metal one – bright is easier to find when it’s lost.

  12. Does the stylus have it’s own slot like the DS? I’d go for black to match the case. Got a chrome with my Gp2x already. So I vote BLACK!

  13. I’d prefer the black plastic one if it is the very same black as the console.

    One point of objectivism though that occurs to me is that the chrome one will not blend in with the side as it isn’t flat at any end.
    The black one will both look less poppy when deposited (if that will be possible) and has a flat end that will blend in with the side.

  14. ok, I made a poll πŸ™‚


  15. Added it to the bottom of the blog post.

  16. i would have thought these metal stylii would be expensive, but the manufacturer says “Some models we have made featured surgical steel one piece body and tip construction and lanyard holes for as little as Β£2 per unit. ”

    Actually viable to get them!

  17. I think you guys should add the link where Squidge originally mentioned it. Here it is:

  18. I find that the best stylus is a bic mechanical pencil (with lead fully retracted of course). It is designed for fitting in both hands and pockets, and the plastic tip doesn’t scratch the screen. Try it out!

  19. “Weird question … what would the metal one be made of?”

    I believe that it’s stainless steel. However, when these were originally made for the Zodiac there were several different metals available at different prices – including platinum and gold, for people with way too much money.

  20. If I ever need to stab anyone and am short on knives, that metal one would do nicely. Hovever, black matches the case, so I say include both.

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