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January 12, 2009

Just a heads-up, I’m doing some more tweakage to see if any themes allow custom header images simply by design. So if something looks awry, never fear: things will settle down later.

EDIT: Enjoy! Here’s an initial blog header. TaG is apparently also working on one, so I may just host a competition for the best blog header.



  1. One request if I may – I have a 1600×1200 screen and all fonts look too small for me. I usually read websites at 150% font size. But the column width is defined in pixels… and so I end up reading three words per line.

    Can you specify column width in “ex” units, so that it will increase with the font size?

  2. or you could make the column to be simply 100% width of the browser… That would solve the problem from another standpoint.

    I’m using galeon browser for this blog. I use firefox and opera too, but not for this blog. They belong to different subject space. I use different browsers for different browsing subjects πŸ™‚

  3. Very BBC!

  4. Uploading a custom header now!

  5. Just a small note – this new theme looks like it’ll work very well on the Pandora’s screen.

    We’re by no means finished tweaking, so keep offering suggestions!

  6. here’s how it looks like for me with a readable (big) font. Oh, on Pandora we also will be using big fonts!

  7. Nice work mazza.

    @cosurgi: What browser is that? The latest versions of the “big three” browsers all do full page zooming now, so the problem you’re describing is a thing of the past.

  8. they all look interesting, except the orriginal

  9. @gruso it’s galeon. Yeah I know that opera and firefox work well. I use them too, but for other stuff. I wonder when I’ll be annoyed enough to make a patch myself and send it to galeon developers….

  10. sexy!

  11. @cosurgi again – sorry, didn’t see your previous answer before asking. πŸ™‚ Looks like it’s patch or compromise for your viewing pleasure. Can’t speak for Mazza, but I certainly couldn’t be arsed hacking the CSS. πŸ˜€

  12. Sure, I understand that πŸ™‚

    I thought that setting column width in “ex” units or in percentage of width would solve it. If it’s more complex then forget it. Maybe also forcing the top picture size using the same unit, instead of pixel size.

    So far, I’ve found just one website that scales ALL correctly in galeon: http://newsticker.welt.de/?module=smarthouse&id=824865

    maybe you will want to look at its CSS.

  13. I updated the header image. That RSS icon’s going to annoy people thinking it’s a link. Most browsers nowadays detect RSS feeds themselves anyway, so it isn’t a big issue.

  14. Looks nice, very clean

  15. I like this theme. It’s pretty.

  16. Uhhh.. can you get rid of the outer glow around the header image? Makes me feel like I passed away early.

  17. Wow I like it!
    Could do with being a little wider – maybe ~75%? That way it would render nicely on the P&|a too.

  18. I wouldn’t spend too much time on this — you have any idea how many views come in via RSS versus a regular browser?

  19. Nice theme. For me the header part is too big, the logo could be smaller. I’m in 1680*1050 and it takes almost 1/2 of the page when I arrive there, I can’t imagine how this would render on a smaller resolution.

  20. I would suggest thinking of the Pandora’s screen when designing this site. 480px vertical, wasn’t it?
    On my 1280×1024 the overly huge image takes half the screen already, on the pandora you had to scroll down a page to see any actual content?


  21. The problem is, there’s no theme available which solves all the problems. Sure, this one has a custom header, but it’s too thin, and the header space is too thick. Others have a flexible width (so they resize based on browser size) but don’t have a custom header. Others still have both of these, but their colours aren’t really appropriate for the Pandora – and they have no option to change them.

  22. We’ll THINK about that more as release time approaches. That’s still over a month away; the primary purpose of this blog right now is to get new information out. We’re using standard WordPress themes. All going well, we’ll use some more customised code down the track.

  23. Another thing to consider, going on from what gruso said, is that we’re still a long way from actually being able to browse the blog on our Pandoras anyway. I think we’ll keep it as it is until there is a definite need for change.

  24. Lovely, the new design has made me start searching the forums for any information for now on. This one is to thin and to much like the ugly default word press. What was wrong with the decent one it was 2 days ago?

    So ugly :(. Oh well i spent months browsing the forums for information before this blog was made and i can do it again. This site really did speed up finding information though but the new themes ruined that for me. I suppose I’ll check it in a few weeks to see if you change theme again but judging from your last post mazza you will not be doing that.

    Btw i agree with Kaldrill on this part of his post;

    “For me the header part is too big, the logo could be smaller. I’m in 1680*1050 and it takes almost 1/2 of the page when I arrive there, I can’t imagine how this would render on a smaller resolution.”

  25. New format looks really good, except the banner is pretty tall. I like the banner, it looks really good, but perhaps if it were maybe 2/3~1/2 as tall, it would be really good.

    Otherwise, great job so far with the blog, i am checking this for info more than the main site and the forums now, because it’s just easier, and you guys are pretty quick.

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