Dev team working towards CNC cases!

January 11, 2009

Craigix posted this earlier, referring to the unofficial renders:


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That’s pretty cool, we do have loads of these as they have to be made after every few changes to test things (there are photos around).

What we are working towards now is a CNC version which is a little different (ie final).



  1. Umm.. what does CNC actually mean?
    Command and Conquer? 😀

  2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CNC

    Seems more plausible…

  3. CNC = Computerized Numerical Control, it’s a method to construct physical things (e.g “cut out”) from a computer model with aid of certain machines.

  4. So basically they are working on getting a case made as if it came off the factory line. No hand-made/tweaked stuff and such… interesting.

  5. @adamorjames: Sort of. CNC is a milling process, whereas the factory will use a mould. CNC isn’t suited to mass production, but it should create a prototype as good as the real thing. It’ll certainly be more photogenic than anything we’ve seen to date. 😉

    It’s relatively slow and expensive to do. The very fact that they’re doing it now means that they’re confident in the design being 100% final, which is awesome.

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