3D Driver in action (on the beagleboard)

January 7, 2009

Here’s a video of the new 3D drivers running on the Beagleboard – something with very similar specs to the Pandora. The user who posted this on youtube notes that:

The crappy quality is caused by the iSight, not the DLP 🙂



  1. This is just awesome!
    My main interest in the Pandora is actually the OpenGL|ES 2.0 chip because it’s simply just so great.

    Was a bit afraid that it would take a year or so before the public drivers were released, so this is wonderful news!

  2. yes, very wonderful, though I wish we had an HD edition that had better lighting and frame-rate+compression.

  3. The unbearable framerate was due to the iSight also?

  4. Looks like they were just videos. The last thing shown is a clip from a CG movie.

  5. @Vegetable: The first 2 are from the 3dMarkMobileES2.0 test. The CG movie maybe to demonstrate the SGX’s video decoding capabilities.

  6. Woops, that should be 3dMarkMobileES1.1 and that CG movie is to demonstrate Mplayer.

  7. @Caligulous: I think the “crappy quality” comment actually was referring to the frame rate.

  8. @Adventus: Actually, the video is decoded with only the ARM. The purpose was to show that within X11, there was support for both 3D graphics and the faster rendering video driver.

    @Caligulous: These benchmark applications are not optimized for performance. They are meant to tax the 3D accelerator. You might ask the individual who posted the video to provide the FPS data that the application generates. Rendering direct to the framebuffer could be faster than through X11, but I’m not sure. The content itself has some “tracers”, which is meant to give extra load to the 3D engine, but the effect is to make the video look slow. You are also looking at an iSight recording of something that was *projected* using a Pico DLP, not something on an LCD screen. (To the best of my understanding.)

  9. Its 2 weeks now since I emailed TI about the SDK.
    I didn’t even get a single email back by now.

    Seriosuly.. TI should improve their support.

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