ZiB – the multiple emulator interface

January 7, 2009

Aimless_E provided this update on ZiB, the multiple emulator interface.

Okay here’s a video of ZiB running on my HP mininote. The code is far from optimized but I’m rather happy with how its coming along.

hopefully the next video will have search enabled and maybe several of the settings screen.



  1. Looks great !
    By the way, I don’t like the menus “hover”, and the white on the left and the right (?).

    Good work !

  2. Menus “hover”? explain.

  3. Well, when you put the focus on the menu items. It’s weird.
    But maybe it’s because the quality of the video is not optimal.

  4. Oh my god… it… it’s beautiful…

    I am so excited for the pandora and this is one of the main reasons. Wow this really is just so cool.

  5. Really Siphre7? …. Great not you’ve gone add given me an ego.


    I see what you mean. Most of the rough-ness including the hover is there for development purposes. The final version should be cleaner…I hope.

  6. hahaha well you deserve it xD i am replacing my psp with the pandora and this is something that i have been wanting for a long time but i didn’t think it would be possible.

    This is SO AWESOME!

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