Unofficial GUI Mockup

January 6, 2009

Forum user kin posted this nice GUI mockup yesterday – looks very nice!

Pics after the jump.



  1. So nice. I hope Kin runs with these ideas, they’re the most elegant we’ve seen yet.

  2. I don’t think a black background is too good as a default. That just my opinion of course. The icon are simple and look pretty nice to me.

    Overall I think it’s interesting but I don’t see that much value in it. The text and icon are probably too small for a device like the pandora.

    I think what we really need now is nice background image, nice icon set and so on… so that the current OS can be themed a bit. Just a thought.

  3. Yeah, it would be microscopic when scaled!

  4. With the icons of taltoris it would be really great.

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