Chinese Pandora Presentation

January 4, 2009

Forcen linked us to this presentation, which, according to the German blog was made in Hong Kong. From the tags in the video it was made by OAKA (Opensource Applications Knowledge Association), and was presented at their “Netbook: the Gathering” function on November 29th.
Anyone speak Chinese to provide a translation?
EDIT:Thanks to OpenTheBox for the translation (below)
Anyhow, video after the break, in all its 10 minute glory.

Presenter : I do not know linux that well, I’ve only learned it for a short time.
Presenter : Sorry for the loudness of the video, I didn’t create it, hence I have no control over it.
Presenter : This video was created as a concept to the actual equipment, it’s created with a similar size to the DS.
Presenter : A machine that can surf the net and play video game, what kind of emotion one can assume it will invoke? (More a statement than a question.)
The presenter talked about how the Pandora came about. Mentioned that the team at Pandora played with several hand-helds and wondered how they can combine a computer (this term is very generic in Chinese, it does not necessary mean a desktop, it can mean a laptop) with a gaming device.
Comparing the DS with a prototype Pandora, Presenter says the width and length is about the same, but the thickness is much greater for the Pandora, however, if compared to a notebook, it is still a good size.
Presenter : Only an initial batch is available to developers
Presenter : I saw Doom running very smoothly.
Mumbling about some script and flash with the audience, really couldn’t hear it and understand it because of the loud music.
Presenter : If people (the audience) are interested, let’s get together and order it in a batch and maybe we can get a discount. Currently, we already have 3 people commited in purchasing it in the next batch. (They either didn’t know there will be some left over from the first batch or maybe they want to wait for the 2nd batch.)
Some one asked about the price, and the Presenter says $330. Obviously they aren’t aware of the RAM upgrade and the price increase to $340.

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  1. I saw this a month and a half ago. I found it interesting. This project is truely open to all over the earth, as this guy is openly showing what it can do, the specs, and so on. Even though I don’t understand Chinese, I can tell that he is truely interested in it.

  2. or a month ago, but I thought I saw it before december, this might be a reupload from somewhere else

  3. The function was on the 29th of November, so you probably saw it in December.

  4. ah okay.

  5. I just posted a translation (the best I can do) in the same thread.

  6. Why don’t you post it here too? 😀

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