Voltage and power supply information

January 1, 2009

I’m asking input from Mweston on this, still discussing this with him but he did provided already something that is good to know (I quote):

“the voltage should always be between 5 and 6 volts with 5.2-5.5 volts being the best. If the voltage goes above 6.5V-ish, the DC input will be shut off and the system will fall back to battery power”

(Edit: To avoid any mistakes this is about the 5v DC input jack, not the USB power)

This makes sense seen most “standard 5v powersupplies” are really not that well regulated, hence only dropping to 5v when on full load but easily go to 5.8v or so when only providing a light load.

So we should regulate to 5.3 V or so not 5.0 V.
It also means that some ripple on the regulation would not cause any problem as long as it is not to high ( a few 0.1 V’s).

This was posted earlier – some details about the Power supply and voltage.


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  1. Well that is true for US but what about other territories?

    Do you have any battery life stats yet going into final proto builds?

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