Things you might have missed.

December 31, 2008

With the New Year approaching here, before I sign off I’ll leave you with a few threads you might have missed which contain some interesting posts.

taltoris has a further update of icons, now available via SVG.

MarkoeZ is looking for a graphic artist for the Pandora Panic project.

There are a few interesting links and comments about DSP/Neon documentation.

If you haven’t looked at the Pandora Emulator Frontend thread yet it is well worth a read. This looks like it is making good progress at the moment.

Eniko started a thread about Pixel Scaling and Licences, a dilemma regarding her attempts to create an MMO that might generate income. As it needs to use GPLed software and avoid bots, she seeks to find a solution. to all!

Happy reading and Happy New Year!



  1. The link for the Pandora Emulator frontend goes to the DSP/Neon Link!

  2. Link corrected – thanks Hackmodford.

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