Referrers and Readers

December 31, 2008

It’s interesting to see where the referrers are for the blog. Most come from mazza558’s post and links in sigs.

After that we are getting a fair amount of traffic from alphainventions.com and Netvibes.com. alphainventions is likely to be bringing external traffic – so hi to any newcomers from there! Netvibes is, amongst others things a very good feed reader and an excellent way of storing all your bookmarks on the internet. You can have a nice set up that shows various columns and a magazine format. When used in Firefox in a separate tab you can see how man new feeds there are unread. Worth a try and is my favourite because of the great bookmarks feature.

We are also listed in the information index – which is nice to see that this blog has been recognised as a valuable resource. With over 1200 visits so far today, something must be right. Please feel free to put the links on other sites.

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