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December 31, 2008

Karas posted a nice poster he made, shown above.

Also in that thread CasperN added some cool Pandora t-shirts. More officially, an advertisement was posted over on the German blog, and judging by Babel Fish’s shoddy translation appears to be a draft of an ad to go into RETRO #10. No new info, but nice to see the Pandora’s getting some exposure.

Pics of the t-shirts and the German ad with translation below.


+ ARM Cortex A8 600MHz CPU +
+ 256MB RAM, 512MB of internal NAND
+ 800×480 touch screen LCD
+ Full QWERTY keyboard
+ Two analog controller, a DPAD
+ Two SDHC card slots
+ WLAN, Bluetooth, USB Host HiSpeed
+ 10 hours battery life

Picture in original size: only 14cm wide
The new Pandora
Fast enough to emulate an Amiga in full speed
Thanks to Open Source open for everything
Powered by Linux
Games, Emulation, listening to music, watching videos, …

(Sorry about the terrible formatting)

EDIT: Replaced Google Translation



  1. This is something I want on my t-shirt that all the content in the top ray leads all the way to the neckline, so that my head is included. So whatever I think up, can go into the box.

    Anyone got one yet? 🙂

  2. The official openpandora ad in german is really plain… I guess it’s good there are doing some advertising though if they can reach they target though (the openpandora is really a niche market).
    What worries me is that the product is not out yet… so people checking the website might get disappointed. (there should have at least put a “coming soon” or something on the ad IMO)
    Beside that with all the attention the project is getting on the Internet I think they won’t have much problem to find buyers for now. If the device is as good as promised I am sure they will be able to sell a few thousand’s more when they start with the second run.

    The unofficial poster is kind of nice. I like the catch phrase. Obviously it’s a poster that is mainly aimed at ppl already knowledgeable about the pandora.
    The use of logo is kind of a problem IMO… I guess it’s fine for an unofficial think but still… there is a bit of everything ranging from hardware related to OS (Ubuntu) to software to Internet service and console manufacturer. It’s fun but not clear at all.

    And just my opinion but I wouldn’t have put so much white coming from the left and right part of the cube…

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