Boot Times

December 31, 2008

Mali posted this on the forums:

Ångstöm boot time:

“Booting from SD takes 8 seconds, booting from NAND(yes, the first NAND-OS version is available) takes 40 seconds with JFFS2 – we will try another file system, looking at the specs it should be possible to boot in 10-12 seconds from NAND” -ED

1. NAND booting time was also slow on OMAP2.
2. Here is a benchmark of beagle board’s NAND

EDIT: Fixed link.


  1. Damn, 10-12 seconds is slooow 😦 I honestly thought we’d be closer to 5.

  2. The link is broken

  3. 10-12 seconds isn’t bad. The PSP takes about that long to boot up.

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