News from the past week

December 28, 2008

Since I’ve only started posting recently, here’s some of the highlights of the last week:

On Christmas Eve (dec 24th), Chip updated us all on the status of re-ordering:

Craig has three separate CC reorder options in the works. We’re going to try to split things up so no one account gets a ton of orders and sets off any automated alarm bells. These could be set up as early as today (12/24), but the holiday may push it out a couple days. I don’t want to give out the names of the services (just in case something falls through), but all three are well known merchant account processors. None of them are Xoom (which looks to be far too sketchy) or Paypal (a mistake we won’t make again).

The Amex situation is still ongoing. We don’t have a good explanation as to why the bank will not refund those orders. This situation passed “unacceptable” over a month ago and is now downright surreal. We are doing everything we can to find a solution, and as soon as we have one we’ll let you all know.

Thank you again for your patience as we try to make the best of these absurd events. Hopefully everything will be sorted out and we will have all new pictures and video of the completed Pandora in the next week or so. Our best holiday wishes go out to all you guys who have stood behind this project from the beginning. Here’s hoping you all have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Progress continued on the Pandora’s Matchbox Desktop Environment:

(thanks to wesbrown18)

… and user “taltoris” continued to work on an icon set for the Pandora. Here it is:

At the beginning of the week, we saw the first glimpses of the Keymat and Pandora together:

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